Out of the box, on to the Moon

12 02 2007

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find a solution to the ever-growing, worldwide problem of global warming. Such a big problem needs time, money, and energy to be put into effect. It is difficult to find the most efficient way to tackle the problem, and the fact that we are running out of time to do so, is even more stress invoking. Even when a solution is found, the implementation will be a mix of helping the environment, while still trying to cause as little strain on the economy as possible. In the end we will still need to create revenue. Energy will always be needed, meaning that pollution will always be made. But what if we could eliminate pollution entirely? What if we could receive the energy without causing any harm to our planet? The closest way of doing this is examining the option one man proposes in his blog entitled, “Energy from the Moon”. Here he provides NASA’s testimony on an option that’s not only “out of the box,” but also out of this world.

The Moon has now become an option to saving the world of energy. This is why many countries are now in a race to the moon once again. The major powers such as China,Russia, and the U.S. could now be competing for this huge untapped source. NASA reports that there are, “two alternatives enabled by a lunar outpost :solar energy collected on the lunar surface and beamed back to Earth via microwaves, and the return to Earth of a light isotope of helium, He-3.” He-3, would help to present electrical power. To do this the He-3 would be, “used in fusion reactors here on Earth”. There are many logical reasons why these countries are willing to travel to the moon to get He3. The arguments provided are as follows:

  • It [He-3] is nearly absent from Earth as a natural resource  
  • Millions of kilograms of it are present in lunar soil, albeit at very low concentrations.  
  • It may be the fuel for the next generation of electric power plants, providing nearly         pollution-free power.
  • It may, in the 21st century, replace our dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.
  • It may be worth $2,000,000/kg.

Research is still being developed to make such incredible advances. Many scientists are proposing mobile minors to retrieve the He-3. And while scientists are researching on how to use this material, and the powers which fund them are racing to claim it, I can only wonder what repercussions there will be. I do understand that we have now realized an entirely new resource which could be the miracle we have all been waiting for, but it seems that we never fail to fall into the cycle of ignorance when we strike gold. Humans tend to become so overwhelmed with how to leap ahead of others to get and then claim new resources, that we often lose sight on how it may harm the balance of other things around us. It seems that humans are always a means to their end.

But this project could create even worse ramifications. We are no longer dealing with our own environment, but instead, now tampering with another key element to our solar system. What if this could cause problems within our solar system? I don’t know what bad can come from this, but I can only hope we look before we leap.


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