The Ice Age of 2012

12 02 2007

Every now and then, when listening to the new developments and dooms-day cries of Global Warming scientists and government officials, we hear of those in denial. I, along with many others, have always known of them, but never actually read or listened to their thoughts of government conspiracy and untrustworthy scientists. I have never felt compelled to read more about their ideas because I believe concretely in science and what it has to offer, and feel that those who chose not to listen to overwhelmingly accepted scientific theories as- both foolish and idiotic. Today, for the first time, I decided to research the idea that Global warming is just some made up theory. I found that my ideas were correct.

The blog I read was written by a man who had just recently felt compelled to read more information on the Global warming phenomenon of today. He wrote that while scientists today are nearly 90% sure of The Greenhouse effect being a main contributor to climate change and global warming, scientists have been 90% sure of other things which they have later been wrong about. “…scientists back in the 50’s were 90% sure that they could contain nuclear fusion in a safe manner….. try telling the residents of
Chernobyl that.”

Yes, this is true that scientists have been wrong before, but after years of compiling evidence across the globe, followed by numerous conferences, discussions, and data analysis, I believe that we can rely much on the theory that Global Warming does exist.

He provides the interesting theory that the sun fluctuates in cycles of more and less sun activity and intensity which can explain not only to why we have melting ice caps, but also to why we’ve had ice ages in the past. As the sun is overactive now, after 11 years, or in 2012, the sun will have a cooling period and mini ice age to balance its, what I would call, “temperature tantrum”. I do not admit to having enough information to disprove this theory of his, but I have yet to hear this suggestion within the media and text books. Even though I have not nearly enough knowledge on this subject, I doubt I’ll be buying a thicker coat to prepare for our mini ice age any time soon.




Monday February 12th 2007, 9:01 pm




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