Government conspiracy!

1 03 2007

First I would like to address the fact that I am concerned with the amount of blogging and the length of blogs I am seeing on the web. It seems that for the past month, blogs about global warming and it’s effects are becoming both shorter and less frequent. This blog was actually recently posted but lacked much substantial information, and was quite repetitive. Even so, I have still chosen to analyze Mr. Jim Brown’s blog because of its uniqueness. I have come across a handful of blogs which have debated on whether or not the issue of global warming is nearly as drastic as it is depicted to be by the popular media; but this article is the first of which to make me contemplate the actual possibility that maybe we are not as doomed as we thought.

In three states (Delaware, Oregon, and
Virginia) we see a unique problem which has managed to escape the public’s attention, purely because it has been suppressed. The unique problem is not only the issue which is being suppressed, but also the mere suppression. Within these states, government assigned scientists are being told to hush their views because they conflict with those state’s government’s views on global warming. The most interesting point of the article is that these scientists believe that global warming is not as dire of a situation as it is made out to be. But, as they work for the state, this means that their published beliefs are known to represent the state’s views. If their views are different than the states, they should be kept out of print, because of the possibility of misleading the public to believing that their government has the same opinions.  

One government-employed climatologist, and professor of the University of Virginia, instead, agrees with the view that others in his position, “are supposed to be able to speak whatever they want without the state telling them what they can or can’t say,” (Patrick Michaels). Although I am unable to make a decision to whose view I hold as the correct one, I am however interested that highly respected scientists are saying that firstly, global warming is not completely the fault of humans, and secondly, that the severity of the issue is not nearly as much cause for concern as I had thought. Even more interesting is that these views are being hushed by the government. Could this mean that other important scientist’s views of the same nature are being hushed nationally? Could the global warming epidemic truly be a government conspiracy to a point? Although this article did bring such questions up in my mind, I am sure that it would be naive of me to jump to conclusions just after reading one brief article. But I am sure that Mr. Brown has given me even more incentive to read a more widened range and a larger amount of articles on global warming, just to gain a more structured and stable perception on the matter.


Conflict between global-warming governors, skeptical climatologistsJim brown:

March 1, 2007




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