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2 03 2007

In this article we see a glimmer of hope coming out of ashes from disaster. On the 8th of February, officials of
Brazil quickly reacted with a conference on the rehabilitation of their beloved country, after some tremendously disturbing information was brought to their attention. It is expected that within the next century the temperature will raise by 7 degrees Fahrenheit killing off our entire ecosystem. I admire that Brazil, a country of more limited resources than
America, is making the safety of the planet one of the most highly concentrated areas of their policy. Brazil plans to stop their contribution to global warming as much as possible, without hindering their economy, by stopping illegal logging and preparing their country for the effects of global warming within the next few decades. I feel that this was an important article to read because as the negative effects and doomsday theories of global warming are being presented, it is reassuring to hear of positive things being done of the issue, outside of our country, by other governments.

Brazil developing national plan to combat global warming

Mar 1st, 2007 by timethief




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7 03 2007

I would like to bring a point up about Brazil’s part in global warming and the environment. While it looks somewhat uplifting that the country is taking action (or planning) to curb their global warming problem, I dont know how feasible this is without hindering their economy. My argument would stem from the creation of BR-163 which currently is planned to be paved from Cuiaba to Santarem cutting 1100 miles through the Amazon rainforest. The problem is, as the highway is built, people being to build along side the highway and continue cutting the forest back further and further, thus destroying much of the land and delicate forest. While this doesnt sound too bad considering the vastness of the rainforest, these actions have already had large negative effects on the land. To top it off, if the road is paved, it will provide quicker transportation for the soybeans (an integral part of the economy). The quicker transportation will likely increase the soybean production which in itself is very harmful to the environment: soybeans are destructive to the delicate soil of the Amazon. So ultimately, the question is, if Brazil is really taking steps to help fight global warming will they be able to curb the harmful effects of building this highway?

7 05 2007
27 01 2010

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