03.11 Amen

6 05 2007

It is often beneficial to analyze the view point of someone who is not involved directly in politics or the environment. The author of this blog, identifies herself not as a scientist, or a politician, (who, in her perception, merely complains and does nothing to change what he/she complains about). Instead she identifies as a Christian evangelist activist. Her blog relates how her religious group cold work together and make positive changes to the earth which reflect their values. The idea originated in her mind after she read that 86 leaders of the evangelical Christian faith had decided a year ago to support efforts to control Global Warming. She illustrates a combined force of dedicated Christians working towards progress. “After all, can you imagine what will happen when Americans stop focusing on disagreements and start working together for this common good?… Can you picture one billion Christians approaching the challenge of stopping Global Warming with the fervor of a revival, with faith infused by the Christ within? Our actions might even help heal the anti-Americanism we are seeing. What miracles we could bring about under the grace of God!”            This blog impacted me greatly, because although I do not necessarily agree with the preaching of her religious values the stressed necessity of prayer within the writing, she also manages to look beyond the borders of religion by putting petty differences aside when it comes to Global Warming. She explains that it is important for the conservative republicans in power, the same people who represent her values in the government, to look past the normally highly debated concepts of family life in accordance to abortion and homosexuality, and instead, to solely put all combined efforts to saving the planet and putting petty differences aside. She presents her utopian idea of connecting Christians around the world together in a joint effort to stop global warming, lobbying the Christian republicans in power to focus less on family life and more on supporting efforts against green-house gasses.              She depicts these people as, “acting on their own selfish desires to keep those who follow them under their thumbs. It is, after all, in their interest to keep the nation – and Christians – divided because they can play one against the other that way, to accomplish their own agendas of gaining and keeping personal power. None of them, after all, will be around in one hundred years to see the consequences.” To solve the problem of powerful conservative republicans not pushing for a need to help resolve global warming, the author gives a prayer to help. Although this is a unique approach, it is interesting to learn of the efforts being made by those who have a lack of power, and wish to unify in order to gain it. Even more interesting is how the author determines that this unified faith and morals can be the solution to both Global warming, and possibly other problems, such as negative depictions of America, republicanism, and the christian religion. 

Prayer To Grow Environmental Evangelism
Dear God,
In Jesus’ name we affirm that all Christians awaken to the danger of climate change.
In Jesus name we affirm that it is easier and easier for us to conserve energy as individuals and as a society.
We thank You, dear Jesus, that it is a joy to become aware and purchase products only made by environmentally responsible companies.
We thank You, Jesus, that powerful Christian evangelists promote environmental activism among their faithful.
We thank You that, together, we are invincible in reversing the damage caused by pollution and Global Warming.
We thank You, Jesus, that all those who would continue to despoil the earth or advocate the despoiling of the earth for selfish political purposes disappear into the nothingness of political obscurity from which they came.
We thank You, Jesus, that all those who would continue to selfishly despoil the earth for profit lose their market share.
Thank You, Jesus, for empowering us so we now reclaim, restore and protect our beautiful earth.
She is Your beautiful gift to us and we protect and preserve her now in gratitude.
And so it is.
Prayerforce Blog-Christianity and Modern Life“Let’s Grow Environmental Evangelism”Saturday, March 10, 2007 http://clyo.blogspot.com/2007/03/lets-grow-environmental-evangelism.html  




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