03.13 Hot-Cold blame Game

6 05 2007

Hot-Cold Blame GameAnn Bancroft and Lib Arnesen are two explorerists/researchers who have traveled in the coldest of weathers for amusment and information. Just recently they both planned an excursion across the Arctic Ocean to learn more about Global Warming, expecting to find proof to bring back. Unfortunitly, they could not finish the trip. Right after starting the adventure, Liv Arnesen suffered from frost bite. They planned the journy well in advance, and researched the expected temperatures and weather but didn’t expect nearly that low of temperatures. When questioned about their views that while they attempted to find evidence of Global Warming, they actually found increasingly cold temperatures, they responded by saying that Global Warming brings unpredictability. Both blamed the cold on global warming. This brings an interesting point, that researchers and scientists can often bend information their way in order to support their case, and could be blinded by their stuborn views. One news blog which was mentioned in this blog was that of John Hawkins of Right News Blog who wrote: “By global warming alarmist logic, if they go to the North Pole and find melted polar ice, it’s evidence of global warming. On the other hand, if they go to the North Pole and it’s actually much colder than they expected, that’s also evidence of glbal warming.”  

Climate Change Alarmist Blames Frostbite on Global WarmingBy Eric FlemingPublished March 13, 2007http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/176465/climate_change_alarmist_blames_frostbite.html




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