03.20 Nuclear Power

6 05 2007

While government money is quickly being thrown at the problem of Global Warming (i.e.- research and prevention) the author of this blog believes there is a form of power which lacks the recognition needed. Nuclear energy is being ignored for two strong reasons, he claims. The first is that enforcment of it will counter other, more efficient ideas of how to stabalize growth. Public transportation, for example would be an alternative to using cars, as cars need oil to run. But, if a nucular energy system was provided for cars to run, then the more efficient alternative would be ignored, as people stubornly depend on cars and often would rather use this then a new transportation system they are not used to. If we just convert to nuclear power, it would be an easy fix, where companies would not feel that changing their methods to be more efficient would be as inecessary. Secondly, the word “nuclear” is one which society is not comfortable with. Although nuclear power does not produce green house gases, society is afraid that other, unexpected problems may arise from it, as nuclear power is seen by many as powerful and unstable. So one must ask, is nuclear power just a quick fix, or is it really the cure to global warming. And, if it is the cure, will we be too afraid to ever find out what a miricle it is? 

Nuclear Power and Global WarmingTuesday, March 20, 2007http://daviddfriedman.blogspot.com/2007/03/nuclear-power-and-global-warming.html




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