03.26 bye bye birdie

6 05 2007

This blog was rather interesting because it was written by someone from Great Britain about a present problem, supposedly caused by Global Warming. As the bird flu has been a problem in Britain, it seems that scientists have related the spread and length of the disease to be because of Global Warming. The problem only seems to be getting worse. The RSPCA, and environmental organization has researched the damage reporting that over 5 years songbirds are now at their lowest level in gardens. The amount of Blackbirds has decreased and overwhelming 25%. “Robin numbers are down by more than a third in the past decade.” The problem is that it is  difficult to measure the amount of birds in one area, and if they are dieing or just moving to a new location. And in addition, why they would be moving. The RSPCA has asked birdwatchers to report if they see certain birds, but the problem is that birdwatchers may report less than they see in order for the government to bring more funding to save these birds. As Global warming is the blame, we must wonder, is the idea just a “cop-out”. I read in another blog that environmentalists are now relating their studies to Global warming in order to get more funding, as the government is now focusing so much on it and throwing other environmental issues to the end of their priority list. Could the relation of birds dieing and global warming be false? Could the birds just have moved or could scientists just be reporting smaller numbers now in order to jump of the band wagon of Global warming and receive more funding? Could the scientists reporting “Bye Bye Birdie” just be “crying wolf”… and can we blame them? 


Bird Flu and Global Warming PanicMay 26th 2007http://www.anorak.co.uk/news/tabloids/172028.html




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