03.22 Global Warming Shrinks Brains?

6 05 2007

While most of this blog entry focused on attacking Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, it brought incredibly interesting  information in the process. It seems that within the next year, a study by two scientists, Dr. Jessica Ash and Dr. Gordon Gallup, will be published with some soon-to-be highly debated topics. After analyzing 109 fossilized human skulls from around the world, both discovered that the closer to the equator, the smaller the brain size. They reasoned this to be caused by the relative temperatures of the regins. “This kind of talk harkens back to social darwinism and is sure to kick up skirmishes over race, IQ, inherited intelligence, etc., etc.They further suggested, that because of the change in heat signifying an adaption in brain size, this might mean that as our earth gets hotter during global warming, our brains might get smaller. Now that is definitly something to think about…  

Global Warming to Shrink Brains?Thursday, March 22, 2007http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2007/03/global_warming__1.html




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