04.03 Supreme Justice

6 05 2007

On April 2nd the Supreme Court made a decision which will hopefully make a huge impact on the U.S.A.’s position in the fight against global warming. The Environmental Protection Agency is one which has not had the authority to control greenhouse-gas emissions. Even though it has now been appointed such authority, it has stated that it does not have the ability or means to do so. “The 5-4 ruling in Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency is a sharp rebuke to the Bush administration, which argued that such gases are not air pollutants under the meaning of the Clean Air Act. [Before it was given the power] The EPA also said that even if it did have the authority to regulate new cars’ emission of greenhouse gases, it would choose not to, because the problem is being addressed in other ways.” Many, including those representing Massachusetts (a state who’s coast is drastically being affected by the rising sea level), have stated that the EPA is not doing its duties as an agency representing the environment, and is claiming that it can not attempt to solve the problem because it is avoiding the responsibility. Because of this, the supreme court has not only ordered the EPA to find a way, it has also decided to focus more policies on cutting greenhouse gas emissions produced by cars, as well as large factories, where,  companies have to use the latest cost effective technology to reduce pollution when they upgrade their plants”. The president and his cabinet also feel that this will be difficult to do, and disagree with the Supreme Court. This is partly because they feel that this will be a huge economic imposition which other countries, such as India and China are not taking. Because these other countries are not as concerned and are in fact becoming economically stronger while producing more emissions, the United States is getting worried. The U.S. has complained that as India and China would be “free-riding” the U.S. would be making efforts which impose on its economy and make no affect. The efforts would be useless as other countries increase in growth would counter the success. This has been a huge problem, where the U.S. has been so concerned about others growing more powerful, that it ignores the need of action. Even though the president is hesitant,  I believe the Supreme Court’s ruling is a huge step to helping the international efforts to solve global warming. 

SUPREMES RULE ON GLOBAL WARMING ISSUEApril 03, 2007 http://commonscold.typepad.com/commonscold/2007/04/supremes_rule_o.html




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