04.08 Save the Children

6 05 2007

The effects of Global Warming will eventually concern all living things by involving more than one area. Because of this, people of different regions and restrictions are finding ways to protect themselves; adjusting their lifestyles and/or homes by taking necessary precautions. Unfortunitly, the one group which many feel needs the most protion is the one least able to receive it. Children are extremely vulnerable to natrual disasters as they are the ones who are the least advantaged in abilities to prepare with no economic political power.  In addition to this, many do not have the intellectual, or phisical tools needed to help them achieve money to create better, more stable, living conditions. The more disadvantaged one is economically, the less likely he/she is able to survive if a natural disaster occurs. According to the established UK charity, Save the Children, it is predicted that “up to 175 million children will be affected every year over the next decade by climate-related disasters like droughts, floods and storms.”The percentage of people at risk is quickley increasing as well. While these children are at high risk, we must ask ourselves if it is a moral duty to help them, who is to help them, and how. These are difficult questions, one that the blogger and I both feel unable to answer. The moral question of if help needs to be provided is difficult to answer as everyone has a different sence of moral obligation. For the questions follo, it is more difficult to answer How, much more than who. For I believe who should help would be the United Nations, while how is much more difficult as there are many regions which need to be catered to differently. In addition to this, we do not know of the extend global warming will get, nor do we have enough money it might require. Many will debate if it is even necessary to take such precautions while the future of global warming is so unpredictable.             We also must worry about our own societies and the children which live in them. While we have enough money for some precautions which last to an extent, in many ways we are so dependent on our compared “luxuries” to those of third world countries, we might find ourselves in chaos and panic when they are taken away. Examples of which would be cars, electricity, and communication, where a long lack of any would result in extreme panic. Should we create extra efforts towards helping children of a less developed countries, while we still have a need to protect our own? Or, should we focus more on global success against the natural disasters of global warming in order to assure the lives of children world wide. Is there even enough evidence to point to a sure need of these precautions? Many believe no.  

Children Already Bearing Brunt of Global Warmingby Kenny Luna, North Babylon, NY on 04. 8.07

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