04.18 Energy Independence

6 05 2007

Shockingly enough, there is an actual website where people bet on the results of global warming, and when they will happen (ex: when polar bears will become extinct, and other such nonsense). Although such a website can be considered a scam, many still willing fully participate in it, proving that once again the American public will attempt to turn any misfortune into a form of profit. As most of the article was just another reiteration on the effects of global warming, how we need to accept the concept as true, and need to make minor adjustments in our lives to help lessen the severity and possibly prevent Global warming, there was one line which made the blog worth reading. “It’s a win-win situation for the United States. If we can produce alternative sources of energy we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also becoming energy independent.” Here is where the subject becomes interesting. “Energy independence” is one obvious positive to finding alternative renewable energy resources, which I have not thought of. By creating these new energy sources we no longer would have the hidden need to stay in Iraq. We would no longer depend on some of the Middle East countries which in many cases we do not agree with morally. Many believe that the U.S. has been walking on eggshells, trying to maintain good relations with certain leaders it disagrees with on so many issues, just because we depend on them for oil. Ex: Egypt and Saudi Arabia. While independence is a good thing, in a world where we are making extreme improvements on relations because of Globalization, and creating a sort of dependence amongst the different states, to benefit together, no longer having the need to maintain such great relations with these oil exporting countries could create problems. Our relations could become weaker with the Middle East countries. Another huge problem which could surface as the Global North countries would eventually rely less on oil, would be an even larger gap amongst the Global North and South, as their most valuable resource would become less vital to these industrialized countries.  


“Taking bets on Global warming”April 18th, 2007 10:43 am 





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