04.22 Adaptation

6 05 2007

If one has watched the award winning documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” they would have seen the effects of global warming on the polar bear population. While temperatures are going up, melting ice, polar bears are dieing from drowning. But while some evidence has proved to show problems within animal populations, many scientists have concluded that while the effects of global warming are gradual, not drastic, animals will adapt as they always have. There have been hotter and colder temperature reports, and animals have survived. Migratory habits have been changed, species have moved, and/or adapted. Although there is so much stress on the catastrophic possibilities of negative outcomes for animals, maybe it would be better to focus on our own problem of adaptation, as populations of people do not simply abandon their preexisting life and move unless forced by extreme conditions to do so. I believe we, as humans, find it difficult to change dramatically with certain people who refuse to accept that there are outside factors we cannot control. These people many times do not understand the need of individual change. What could be the extreme outcome would be people who have more money and intelligence to prepare surviving, and those who are less aware or less economically stable, not. This would be pure Darwinism at its best. Only the aware and economically strong would survive.

Global Warming Awareness 2007: Are Animals Affected by Global Warming?April 22, 2007




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