04.26 Be sure for insurance

6 05 2007

While many individuals are afraid of how to prepare for the effects of global warming, the insurance industry has been faced with facts which could lead to nothing less but panic. The U.S. Government Accountability Office has reported to insurance companies that rise of the possibility of disasters is real. Temperatures have been increasing, leading to a larger amount of natural disasters over the next few decades which means that insurance industries will have to be paying more and with a higher likeliness of going bankrupt. This means that insurance for those who have or want it will rise as well, creating problems where people might no longer be able to afford the insurance they’ll need. Many who do not believe the attention global warming is getting is just, will obviously feel robbed by the problems the idea of it will create in their pocket-books.

About environmental issues: Global Warming: Should Insurance Companies Worry?

By  Larry West,
 April 25, 2007




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